The ASPCA estimates that 3.4 million cats end up in the more than 13,600 shelters each year in America.  Of those, 1.4 million will never find a new home or family.  They’ll be euthanized as unwanted, unloved and unnecessary.

This website began as an effort to mourn my own beloved pets and heal after losing a part of my family.  But once I read the statistics I realized I could be a catalyst for change.  Maybe families looking for for a family cat would try visiting a local shelter to adopt.  Maybe people will volunteer or donate to one of the local rescue organizations in locally to save these temporarily unloved animals from abuse and death.

We often hear the term cat lover or cat person.  While there are, of course, people who love all animals and welcome a menagerie into their homes, there is credibility to the moniker cat lovers — those people who simply prefer the aloof, independent and curious feline pet.

If you are a new cat parent or you’re thinking about adding a cat to your family, there will be a lot of useful information on these pages about how to introduce your new pet to your home, find products that will entertain and care for your new feline, and news that every cat lover should know.


Cats Are My Love is a about the kittens and cats who demonstrate affection to owners every day.  It’s a documentary about the feline characteristics and why there are “cat people” devoted to these animals.  Be inspired by the stories of how others assist in rescuing cats in the United States and shop here to donate to the cause or get involved on a local level!




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When a pet dies, we grieve like when any other member of the family is missing.petgrief